Your one-stop-shop for Service Locating in Christchurch

Which number do you call before you dig to make sure you don’t hit any pipes, wires or cables in Christchurch?


Why make three separate calls to power, water and telecommunications companies to organise three different contractors, who will only find the one pipe or cable they are responsible for? There is a much simpler solution.


Before you dig, there’s only one call you need to make. Safety First Locators are your one-stop-shop for finding and mapping out all of the cables and pipes buried in your civil construction site or private section.


Knowing where the utilities are buried on your building site will make it easier to avoid hitting them while excavating, or to integrate them into a future design.

Image of service locating by Safety First Locators Christchurch

What does a service location look like? 

Using our specialist equipment, our team will walk in a grid-like pattern, scanning the entire section. As we  locate each of the buried utilities, we’ll paint the ground like a map.


At a glance, you will be able to see which utilities are in your site, and where they are. 

How long does service locating take?

There are a few factors that influence how long it will take us to accurately plot and map all the utilities in an area. The size of the site you want located, plus how much is buried underground are two major elements. 

For a standard residential section, we can locate all the buried utility cables and pipes in around two hours. An area the same size in a busy urban setting could take a few hours more, because there are more utilities to be located and mapped out.

Service locating across the South Island

Based in Christchurch, the Safety First Locators team operates around the South Island, making sure construction and development projects can go ahead safely, without damaging power, water, or phone lines.

Accurate service locating

As a beforeUdig certified locator in the South Island, we believe we’re the most accurate utility locators in Christchurch. Our top of the line equipment and experienced operators will protect your people and existing infrastructure as best we can.

Even the best equipment has margin for error. That’s why our comprehensive handover is vital, that the project manager and person responsible for digging and excavation understands the risks and limitations.

Image of service locating by Safety First Locators Christchurch

Why choose Safety First Locators?

Whatever project you’re working on, everyone wants a safe working environment and to avoid costly delays and repairs. That’s exactly how Safety First Locators can help you.

Our experienced technicians use the latest in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) technology to accurately find, identify and define what’s happening underneath your site.

Just provide us with service plans, and a clearly defined area to scan and we’ll take care of the rest. After we have marked the location and depth of the utilities, we’ll walk you and the person responsible for the digging through the site as part of our thorough handover process.