Leak Detection

Where is the water coming from? Before you can fix a leak, you need to find out where the water pipe is broken. Safety First Locators can find the pipe and source of the leak so your plumber can fix it.

Image of leak detection by Safety First Locators Christchurch

How do I know I have a leak?

Sometimes leaks are obvious. There’s water coming up into your backyard and the ground is always sodden. Just because you can see where the water is coming up, that doesn’t mean the source of the leak is always close by.

Leaks aren’t always so obvious. You may not notice anything until you get a massive water bill from your local council.

Why do I need leak detection?

Water is fluid and always moving. Without specialist equipment finding the source of the leak can be difficult. In many cases, when a piping system breaks it can cause multiple leaks, so you need to be confident you have located and repaired all of them.

Why assess your entire water system to find the leak, or start excavating random holes to find the pipe? There is a better, more accurate way of finding leaks.

Our non-invasive detection equipment minimises the need for unnecessary digging or concrete cutting when you’re not sure where the pipe is and where it’s broken. Safety First Locators work closely with plumbers to quickly and accurately find leaks, saving you time and money.

Image of leak detection by Safety First Locators Christchurch

Accurate leak detection in Christchurch

When the water is pouring out, you want to stop it fast, reducing water waste and the risk of greater water damage. With our time-proven methods, state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians, we believe we are the fastest and most accurate leak detectors in the South Island.


If there’s water coming out somewhere from your Christchurch property, before you call your plumber, contact Safety First Locators on 03 366 3242.