GPR Surveys

What’s beneath your site? What are you looking for? Digging without knowing what is beneath the surface poses risks to you, your equipment, and infrastructure. From locating buried septic tanks to surveying a cemetery, ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys can give you an accurate picture of what’s underneath you before you start digging.

Do I need a service locate or a GPR Survey?
Service Locate


A Service Locate is useful prior to starting digging or excavation work. Our technicians will mark out on the ground where each of the utilities and cables are buried, and we’ll provide a hand-drawn map of the area. As part of our comprehensive handover process, we’ll also walk through the site with the site manager and person responsible for digging or excavation to make sure you know where everything is, plus the accuracy and limitations of our map.

GPR Surveys


A ground penetrating radar or GPR survey is a more comprehensive scan. We’ll create a detailed report, filled with computer imaging, 3D scans and detailed analysis, marking where the cables, utilities and any other buried items or structures are on your property.

A GPR survey is a useful document for any developer or building owner, so you can keep track of the assets and infrastructure on your property. Equally, there are a range of reasons why property owners would want to know what might be buried on your land.

Image of GPR surveys by Safety First Locators Christchurch

What else can a GPR survey find?

In addition to finding utilities and cables, a GPR survey has a range of uses.

Forensics and archaeology:

Do you have a site of historical importance? GPR surveys can identify gravesites, human remains, artefacts, and buried foundations. Using our reporting and analysis, we can help you identify if there were any previous structures on your land in the past, and what they may have been used for.

Geological survey:

What exactly makes up your land? A geological survey can determine the distribution, structure and composition of different soils and mineral deposits so you have a more accurate picture of your land. 

Fast and accurate GPR surveys

All we need to start a GPR survey of your property is a site plan and a clearly marked area to scan.


You’ll receive a comprehensive report, complete with images and our analysis of the findings. As part of our handover process, we’ll go through the report with you, so you understand everything.


For peace of mind before you dig, contact your Christchurch based subsurface specialists for a detailed GPR survey of your property. Call Safety First Locators on 03 366 3242.