About Safety First Locators

Like so many good businesses, Safety First Locators was founded in Christchurch after two ENGEO field technicians thought the way service locating was being done had to change.


Why call one technician to find the fibre cable, another to find the telecommunication lines, another to find the water mains and yet another technician to find the electricity lines? It didn’t make sense to founders Craig Brocket and Rick Butson in 2013, so they started Safety First Locators to be the one-stop-shop for all utility locating services.

Rob Marshall-Lee took over the business in 2016, and is continuing the legacy of providing comprehensive reports and exceptional service. 

“There just has to be a better way of doing this!

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About Rob Marshall-Lee

Rob’s business background started on a hill country sheep and beef farm, eventually moving into IT and project management. His passion has always been supporting local businesses, and he views running Safety First Locators as the opportunity to combine his love for the land with his expertise in technology, software and analysis. 

Certified locating contractors

Safety First Locators are founding members of the National Utilities Locating Contractors Association of New Zealand (NULCA), and Rob became the first beforeUdig Certified Locator in the South Island in December 2019. Our ongoing training means all Safety First Locators technicians will also go through this process.

NULCA’s aim is to build a benchmark for best practice and innovation, that also protects all on-site workers and infrastructure. By choosing a beforeUdig Certified Locator like us, you can be confident your service locating project is being carried out as accurately and as safely as possible.

We believe one of the biggest issues within New Zealand’s locating industry is a lack of understanding around what locating equipment can and can’t do. We strive to be as safe and accurate as possible, but all locating equipment has a margin for error. That’s why, after every project, we communicate what we’ve found in a written report and comprehensive handover between the project manager and the person responsible for drilling or digging. We want everyone to be on the same page so we can all go home safe at the end of each day.

New technology and new software is constantly being developed. Our passion for continued learning is to stay on top of innovations as they are pioneered so we can continue to provide the most accurate and comprehensive service for our clients. 

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How can Safety First Locators help you? 

Service Locating

Accurately map the location of each of the utilities running underneath a property. Whether you’re looking for areas to avoid digging, or wanting to find where to connect to the existing infrastructure, Safety First Locators can help.

Concrete Scanning

See through walls and solid concrete to find structures and voids without risking your safety. Before any concrete cutting or drilling into concrete walls, a concrete scan will protect your people, protect your tools and protect existing infrastructure.

Leak Detection

Water coming up into your back yard? Received an unusually high water bill? If your house isn’t flooded, there could still be a leak somewhere on your property. Before your plumber can fix the leak, call Safety First Locators to find it.

GPR Surveys

What’s under your site? A Ground Penetrating Radar Survey can either show you where to start digging, or highlight areas to avoid. Whichever it is, contact Safety First Locators before you get started.



“Safety First Locators are our go to providers of underground service locations. The nature of our work often results in short notice bookings and in sometimes difficult to access sites.


SFL are always highly responsive and flexible to our needs, friendly and professional, even in sometimes difficult conditions. We would not hesitate to recommend their services.”